Whatever your application ... Ion Science has the gas detector for you

PhoCheck+ the world's most advance PID ... just got better!!


At the heart of PhoCheck is a highly sensitive patent pending photoionisation detector (PID) with a dynamic detection range capable of 1 ppb up to 10,000 ppm, making it the only sensor on the market able to detect Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) at their very low ppb toxic thresholds and lower explosive limits .PhoCheck has redesigned handheld VOC and toxic gas detection to meet the industry needs of today and tomorrow.

With new improved features PhoCheck+ is now a fully upgradeable instrument enabling you to upgrade from the basic PhoCheck+ 1000Ex version all the way up to our revolutionary FirstCheck+ 6000Ex multigas instrument.

With increased memory capacity for data logging results
every second and improved PC communication via IRDA technology the PhoCheck+ is the ideal PID for giving you truly traceable results

Also available by Ion Science is FirstCheck, a multi gas instrument which combines VOC and toxic gas  detection from ppb to 10,000 ppm withtraditional multi gas sensors for O2, CO, H2S and LEL for unrivaled toxic and combustible gas detection.

  • Fully upgradeable throughout the PhoCheck+range and into the the FirstCheck range
    giving you the ultimate flexibility in gas detection
  • ppb to 10,000 ppm for ultimate detection capability
  • A choice of two viewing modes - large numbers or a real time graph
  • Unique 'fence electrode' technology for humidity compensation
  • Rapid response and recovery for faster detection
  • 250+ preprogrammed gases and gas mixtures
  • Icon driven menu for the removal of language barriers
  • Intrinsically safe for use in flammable areas
  • View stored reading graphically on screen for an overview of results
  • Continuously datalogs every second for truly traceable results
  • Health and Safety mode for STEL and TWA monitoring
  • Data upload and download to a PC via IRDA for analysis with easy to use software
  • STEL and TWA monitoring
  • Atmosphere monitoring
  • Landfill surveillance
  • Emergency first response
  • HazMat/WMD
  • Confined space entry
  • Environmental clean-up
  • Arson investigation
  • Petrochemical
  • Leak detection
  • Industrial painting
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's)
  • Ammonia
  • Benzene
  • Ethylene
  • Isobutanol
  • Gasoline vapors
  • Jet fuel
  • Liquefied petroleum gas
  • Butane
  • Acetaldehyde
  • Some WMD's

PhoCheck 1000
The simplest handheld PID on the market
PhoCheck 1000 is a low price entry level photoionisation detector ideal for use in non hazardous environments for indoor air quality monitoring or soil contamination assessment with a detection range of 0.1 - 4,000 ppm.

PhoCheck+ 1000Ex
An upgradeable PID to grow with your needs
PhoCheck+ 1000Ex is the first in our new line of fully upgradeable PID's. It is entry priced with simple functioning giving you the ability to upgrade throughout the entire PhoCheck+ and FirstCheck+ ranges, as your business needs change. The 1000+ is ATEX approved as intrinsically safe and has a detection range of 0.1 - 4,000 ppm. With user set single point alarms and gas table of over 250 gases including their unique response factors the PhoCheck+ 1000Ex is equipped to detect a wide range of VOC's.

PhoCheck+ 2000Ex
A data logging PID with PC download for easy data analysis
PhoCheck+ 2000Ex in addition to the above features benefits from data logging capability. Allowing you to store a minimum of 37 hours worth of data logged readings taken every second (over 130,000 individual readings!) with a date and time stamp for download to a PC via our IRDA link for detailed analysis with windows style IonPC software. An ideal instrument for indoor air quality and perimeter monitoring applications.

PhoCheck+ 3000Ex
A PID with Health & Safety mode for STEL and TWA monitoring
PhoCheck+ 3000Ex, in addition to the capabilities of the 2000Ex, benefits from an extended detection range of 0.1 - 10,000 ppm and an additional operating mode for personnel health and safety monitoring, with pre-programmed user selectable STEL and TWA values for the protection of workers.

PhoCheck+ 5000Ex
The most advance PID on the market
PhoCheck 5000Ex, is Ion Science's most sophisticated PID, and is the only instrument available on the market with a dynamic detecting range of 1 ppb - 10,000 ppm. This versatility allows the instrument to detect a greater range of dangerous toxic gases at low ppb levels where they are hazardous to health, as well as flammable gases at LEL thresholds. The 5000Ex is ideal for the first responder due to its sensitivity coupled with the advanced features of the 3000Ex, making this instrument a potential life saver in many environments. The PhoCheck+ 5000Ex benefits from being upgradeable to the FirstCheck+ range to include additional sensors.

Standard Feature

= Standard Feature

Upgradeable Feature

= Upgradeable Feature

Intrinsically safe Atex approval  
Health and Safety mode for STEL and TWA monitoring  
IRDA for wireless communications with a PC  
Auto-range ppm/ppb  
Real-time graph display on screen  
Simple datastore        
Data logging  
Date and time stamp  
IonPC software for instrument configuration data handling  
Easy to use icon based graphical interface
Zone name creator  
Audible alarm 90 dBA
Visual alarm (LED)
Gas table of 250+ gases and their individual response factors  
Selectable mg/m3 pr ppm/ppb units  
Upgradeable to FirstCheck+ range to include O2, CO, H2S and LEL  



Ion Science Ltd's IonPC software makes configuring your instrument and the analysis of your logged readings quick, simple and effective. PhoCheck+ automatically continuously data logs the instruments readings every second and stores the results ready for download, ensuring truly traceable results (available on the 2000Ex, 3000Ex and 5000Ex, upgradeable on the 1000Ex). PhoCheck+ benefits from an increased 8 Mb memory which incorporates a memory saving feature only logging a value if the detector senses a change in the detected level of gas. Therefore the minimum number of recorded readings if the PhoCheck+ sensed a change every second is more than 130,000 or 37 hours worth of readings

The logged readings are easily downloaded via an IRDA link to an IonPC software enabled computer for your detailed analysis. Your data logged readings are downloaded in both tabular and graph format to give you an instant overview of your results.

All PhoCheck+ instruments are equipped with an IRDA port to enable communication with a PC not only to allow the download of data logged information but to allow the adjustment of the various instrument features. Adjustable features include zone references, alarm settings, custom calibration settings and also the facility to add additional gases to the gas table.

The software also has a security setting whereby the instrument can be 'locked' so that features can be set by the PC then 'locked' so that they can not be adjusted manually. This is a useful feature for example when a supervisor sets alarm levels and then hands the instrument to an operator for use. Specific settings can be stored on the PC and later downloaded to any number of instruments giving them identical features such as alarms and zone references saving time.


Batteries: Dry Cell Alkaline 4 x AA 20hours - Rechargeable NIMH 20hour
Maximum range*: 1 ppb to 10,000 ppm - 0.01 to 10,000 mg/m3
Response: T90 ~ 1 sec rise and clear down
Accuracy: 5% of displayed reading one digit
Linearity: 5%
Operating temperature: -20 to +60 C (-13 to 140 C)
Storage temperature: -20 to +70 C (-13 to +158 F)
Data logging*: Automatically records readings every second including date and time stamp. 8 Mb.
Alarm: Flashing LED and 90 dBA audible - Pre-programmed TWA and STEL* - Pre-programmed 250+ gases and gas mixtures*
Materials of construction: Storage case: polypropylene foam insert - PhoCheck: conductive polypropylene based resin case
Dimensions: Case: 420mm (16.5") x 320mm (12.5") x 97mm (3.8") - PID w/o probe: 340mm (13.5") x 60mm (2.3") x 49mm (1.9")
Weight: Instrument: 0.58 kg (1.3 lb) - Packed: 3.0 kg (6.6 lb)
EMC tested: To EN61000-6-3 & EN61000-6-1 2001
All specifications are against isobutylene 100 ppm in air calibration at 20 C and 90% RH and up to 3000 ppm
*Model and gas dependent

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